Triangle User Experience Professionals Association (TriUXPA)

The Triangle UXPA was founded in 2005 and is the Triangle chapter of the User Experience Professionals Association. We are focused on building and supporting the local community of practitioners who focus on crafting great user experiences.

Upcoming events

    • 27 Oct 2015
    • 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
    • Caktus Group Tech Space, Durham
    • 19

    Whitney Quesenbery

      Why aren’t our sites and products more accessible? According to Whitney Quesenbery, it’s because user research rarely includes people with disabilities. Not because we don’t care about their experience, but because we don’t understand it.

      Designing with true accessibility in mind has its challenges. But it is also an opportunity to see the world differently. Meeting and overcoming barriers to accessibility creates a better experience for all of your users.

      Whether your interest in accessibility is driven by compassion or compliance, Whitney will demonstrate how designing for users from the outer edges of the bell curve results in amazing ideas and insights. 

      Attend this seminar if you want to:

      • Improve your site’s accessibility, but don’t know where to start
      • Learn recruiting strategies and practical tips for running a research session
      • Leverage accessibility challenges into amazing design work

      Making a web for everyone means applying all of our design research tools to include people with a broader range of capabilities. Whitney Quesenbery pushes designers to challenge the old belief that accessibility equals bad design. It’s time to reframe the problem and see accessibility as an opportunity to push our designs from good enough to great. If you want to get started, don’t miss this seminar!

      The webinar will start at 6:30 PM, preceded by a half hour for socializing, networking, and food. 

      We are able to offer this webinar at no cost. Come at 5:30 to meet your fellow Triangle UXPAers and talk shop!

      * You must be present at the host location to view this webinar.


      Caktus Group Tech Space, 108 Morris Street, Durham, NC Durham, NC
      • 04 Nov 2015
      • 7:00 PM - 7:00 PM
      • 209 Manning Hall 216 Lenoir Dr. Chapel Hill, NC 27514
      • 61

      TriUXPA and the UNC School of Information and Library Science (SILS) are facilitating a panel discussion, "Launching your UX Career" on Wednesday, Nov 4 at 7:00pm in Manning Hall, Room 209 on UNC main campus.  

      Anyone can attend, and registration is encouraged.

      Panelists:  Evan Carroll, Julie Grundy, Andrew Wirtanen, Guiseppe Getto, and Joe Bond

      • 09 Nov 2015
      • 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM
      • The Edge Workshop Room (Bostock Library), Duke University, 411 Chapel Dr, Durham, NC 27708
      This workshop facilitated by Julie Grundy, Information Architect at Duke Web Services, will provide an overview of user experience design geared towards those who wish to enter the field on November 9 from 5:00 - 6:30 PM.

      Increasing your understanding of this ever-growing field is essential to working with any digital product, regardless of your role with the technology. Come to gain a broad understanding of the field and learn practical tips on how to create a successful user experience. Topics covered will include usability principles, UX research, information architecture, content strategy, and an introduction to different ways to get involved with the field. All who are interested in making the world a more user-friendly place are welcome to attend.

      This is taking place in the Edge Workshop Room in Bostock Library on Duke University's campus. 

      It is part of the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Academy which provides a range of learning opportunities for those interested in expanding their skill set in innovation and entrepreneurship. 

      All are welcome to attend this free event.

      • 12 Nov 2015
      • 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
      • SAS Campus
      • 52

      Rebecca HortonJoin us for the 2015 TriUXPA World Usability Day celebration on Thursday, November 12 at 6 pm for networking, dinner and a talk by Rebecca Horton, service designer. This event is free for members.

      The 2015 theme for World Usability Day is innovation.

      Innovation can mean different things to different people, but most can agree it includes inventions and changes in products and services that improve a situation or solve a problem in a new way. Innovation in User Experience means helping to create products and services that enhance the experiences people have with technology.

      About Rebecca Horton

      Rebecca Horton is CoFounder and CEO of Trestles, a design thinking firm with a focus on customer experience in non-digital environments. Trestles helps companies design and deliver transformative offerings and physical brand experiences that are user-centered, differentiated, and profitable at-scale.  The company's mission is to create healthy organizations that are built for longevity, and community impact. The firm's portfolio includes clients like MIT Sloan School of Management, Deloitte's Gov Lab, Red Hat, HQ Raleigh, and DC-based Tryst restaurants.

      During childhood, one of Rebecca's favorite activities was watching fashion shows on VH1. As evidenced by her early fascination with "the spectacle" of the runway experience, Rebecca is keenly interested in helping companies embody their authentic selves through touchpoints and environments that feel seamless and evoke a sense of wonder.

      Rebecca holds a master's in Design Management from SCAD. Beyond her work with Trestles, she has helped launch an arts non-profit based in Charlottesville, VA, published articles on topics like placemaking in boutique cities, and begun slowly mastering the art of Basque cuisine.


      SAS Training Room
      Building F, Room 101
      200 SAS Campus Drive
      Cary, NC 27513
      See map: Google Maps

      Parking is available behind the building. There is a walkway from the parking lot behind the building to the Training Room (in the front of the building). Parking is also available in adjacent lots.

      • 17 Nov 2015
      • 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
      • Caktus Group in Durham

      Hot off the UX presses is a new book about discussing design, which we'll discuss at November's meeting.  It's titled "Discussing Design:  Improving Communication & Collaboration Through Critique" by Adam Connor & Aaron Irizarry.   

      Note that the lead author, Adam, will be running a "Discussing Design..." workshop in this same general time frame in Raleigh.

      Register for this event on Meetup: Meetup for Durham's November Bookgroup 

      • 19 Nov 2015
      • 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
      • Centerline in Raleigh

      Hot off the UX presses is a new book about discussing design, which we'll discuss at November's meeting.  It's titled "Discussing Design:  Improving Communication & Collaboration Through Critique" by Adam Connor & Aaron Irizarry.   

      As a special treat for us, the lead author, Adam, will be attending in-person at the book group discussing his recent book with us!  Also, for those that want more, he will be running a "Discussing Design..." workshop the next day in Raleigh.

      Register for this event on Meetup: Meetup for Raleigh's November Bookgroup 

      • 20 Nov 2015
      • 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM
      • LexisNexis, Centennial Campus, 1801 Varsity Drive, Raleigh, NC 27606
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      Adam ConnorAdam Connor
      VP of Organizational Design at Mad*Pow

      Co-author of
      Discussing Design: Improving Communication & Collaboration Through Critique (2015, O’Reilly Publishing)

      Free book!
      All early registrations include a paperback copy of "Discussing Design".

      This workshop will examine how teams can improve the quality of design conversations and collaboration by focusing on the language, rules and strategies of critique.

      Collaboration requires us to share our work; to communicate our ideas with one another and collect other’s thoughts in order to know whether the designs and creations we’re producing are meeting the objectives of the project. But often we wrestle with collecting feedback. We get comments that are less then helpful because they seem irrelevant or unclear. Or we find that we’re getting feedback and reactions at inopportune times rather than points in the process where they would have been useful in informing design decisions.

      Our ability to critique speaks directly to the quality of the conversations we have with teammates, whether they be designers, developers, stakeholders, etc. Designers frequently complain about the quality and uselessness of the feedback they are given, but we rarely take a step back and examine how to collect useful feedback and make our discussions around our designs more productive. Participants in this workshop will explore critique and how it fits into the design process and both an activity and an aspect of any communication through presentation materials and a series of hands-on activities.

      In this workshop participants will learn:
      • What critique is and why asking for “feedback” is problematic. 
      • Why successful collaboration relies on the presence of critique. 
      • How to gather useful feedback from clients and teammates.
      • How to introduce team members to the idea of critique and get everyone using it. 
      • How and where critique fits within the design and creative processes and it can be incorporated into projects?

      • 8am-8:15am
        Networking and light breakfast
      • 8:15am-noon
      About Adam

      Adam Connor, most recognizable by his magnificent beard, is a designer, author and illustrator based in Western Massachusetts. As VP of Organizational Design at Mad*Pow, Adam helps create positive change by addressing the relationships that people have with one another to foster more collaborative, creative and customer-centric organizations.

      Adam and his team look closely at company culture and all of the ways that it gets expressed and reinforced. They explore how beliefs, behaviors and perceptions influence things like roles, structure, processes, and tools that organizations use every day. They then work collaboratively with teams to identify meaningful changes that teams can make to improve their capacity to work together creatively. 

      His work at Mad*Pow and extensive background in experience design, computer science, illustration, and film has taught him the value of delivering and receiving constructive feedback in the design process and the role it plays in effective collaboration. He has coached and trained teams across the world and from industry leading organizations such as Google, Disney, Fidelity, and Aetna. 

      In 2015 he and co-author Aaron Irizarry released Discussing Design: Improving Communication & Collaboration Through Critique with O’Reilly Publishing. His thoughts on collaboration and design can be found at and


      Centennial Campus
      1801 Varsity Drive
      Raleigh, NC 27606
      • 20 Jan 2016
      • 8:30 AM - 12:15 PM
      • Red Hat Annex, 190 E Davie St, Raleigh, NC 27601
      Abby CovertPlease Subscribe to be notified when registration opens.

      Abby Covert

      An independent information architect based in NYC Author, How to Make Sense of Any Mess (2014)

      No matter what your job or mission in life: if you are working with other people you are dealing with information architecture. Information Architecture is the way that we arrange the parts of something to make it understandable. Whether it is determining the labels for your products and services or creating navigational systems to help users move through a complex ecosystem of marketing channels, everybody architects information.

      The concepts one has to understand to practice information architecture thoughtfully are not hard to learn or based on expensive tools. In fact they are tools and concepts we at the Information Architecture Institute think everybody should know. This half day workshop is meant to introduce the concepts of IA and give you confidence in practicing IA yourself.

      • 8:30am-9:00am
        Networking and breakfast (pastries, fresh fruit, coffee, orange juice)
      • 9:00am-10:30am
      • 10:30am-10:45am
      • 10:45am-11:45am
        Workshop activity
      • 11:45am-12:15pm


      Red Hat Annex
      190 E Davie St
      Raleigh, NC 27601

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    19 Feb 2013 [UIE Webinar] Organizing Mobile Web Experiences with Luke Wroblewski
    13 Feb 2013 IBM Mobile User Experience
    17 Jan 2013 [UIE Webinar] Sketching for Understanding with Nathan Curtis
    29 Nov 2012 [UIE Webinar] Solutions for a World of Countless Devices with Peter-Paul Koch
    26 Nov 2012 [Invited Speaker] Beyond Mobile: Where No Geek Has Gone Before with Josh Clark
    15 Nov 2012 [Workshop] Lean UX: Getting Out of the Deliverables Business with Jeff Gothelf
    08 Nov 2012 World Usability Day 2012: Usability of Financial Systems with Cliff Anderson (Ally Financial)
    25 Oct 2012 [UIE Webinar] Mapping the User Experience with Chris Risdon
    18 Oct 2012 [UX Book Club] Raleigh Book Discussion of "Designing for Emotion"
    17 Oct 2012 [Workshop] Silver Bullets for Getting Buy-in for UX Research with Tomer Sharon (Google)
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    14 Aug 2012 [UIE Webinar] Start Full Screen: Organize, Communicate, & Annotate HTML Prototypes with Nathan Curtis
    26 Jul 2012 [Guest Lecturer] Affordances and their Importance to UX Practitioners (Co-Sponsored with Bloomberg)
    18 Jul 2012 [Workshop] UX Tune-Up with Carol Barnum
    10 Jul 2012 [UIE Webinar] Championing Contextual Research in Your Organization with Steve Portigal
    28 Jun 2012 [UX Book Club] Raleigh Book Discussion of "Mobile First"
    21 Jun 2012 [UX Book Club] Durham Book Discussion of "Mobile First"
    20 Jun 2012 [Community Event] UX Design and Research Process
    12 Jun 2012 [UIE Webinar] Discussing Design - The Art of Critique with Adam Connor
    17 May 2012 [UIE Webinar] The Design Choices You Make for Information: How to Create Great Data Visualizations with Brian Suda
    26 Apr 2012 [Community Event] UX Prototyping Tools
    10 Apr 2012 [UIE Webinar] Telling the Right Story with Data Visualizations with Noah Iliinsky
    10 Apr 2012 [UX Book Club] Kickoff & Pre-Webinar Social
    27 Mar 2012 [UIE Webinar] The Mobile Frontier With Rachel Hinman
    12 Jan 2012 [UIE Webinar] Buttons Are A Hack: The New Rules Of Designing For Touch
    07 Dec 2011 [UIE Webinar] Lean UX: Getting Out of the Deliverables Business
    17 Nov 2011 [UIE Webinar] Persuading Your Users through Visualization: The Quest for Emotional Engagement
    10 Nov 2011 World Usability Day 2011: Education: Designing for Social Change
    20 Oct 2011 [UIE Webinar] Gamestorming — Brainstorming Games for Team Creativity: Creating an Environment for Innovation with Dave Gray
    05 Oct 2011 [Workshop] Tapworthy Mobile Design and User Experience Workshop With Josh Clark
    04 Oct 2011 [Workshop] User eXperience 101
    27 Sep 2011 [Community Event] Building HTML5/CSS3 Applications
    07 Sep 2011 [Community Event] Myths and Misconceptions of Usability Testing
    01 Sep 2011 [UIE Webinar] Story Mapping for UX Practitioners: Tying Agile & UX Together
    11 Aug 2011 [UIE Webinar] 6 Lessons for Online Content Curation: Museum as Muse
    09 Aug 2011 [Community Event] Posting Our Hearts Out: Understanding Online Self-Discourse for Better Designs
    05 Jul 2011 [Community Event] Facebook Product Design
    30 Jun 2011 [UIE Webinar] CSS3 with Dan Rubin
    23 Jun 2011 [UIE Webinar] Plays Well With Others: Survival Skills for Design Teams with Dan Brown of EightShapes
    16 Jun 2011 [Community Event] Prosthetic Mobile Computing
    09 Jun 2011 [UIE Webinar] Ajax, A Deeper Dive with Derek Featherstone (CANCELED TODAY)
    03 Jun 2011 [Partner Event] Triangle Startup Weekend
    25 May 2011 [Community Event] Effective Data Visualization Panel
    19 May 2011 [UIE Webinar] Designing with Scenarios, Putting Personas to Work with Kim Goodwin
    28 Apr 2011 [UIE Webinar] Search as a Multichannel Experience with Pete Bell of Endeca
    26 Apr 2011 [Community Event] Designing Narrative-Centered Learning Environments
    21 Apr 2011 [UIE Webinar] From PDFs to HTML Prototypes with Nathan Curtis, EightShapes
    07 Apr 2011 [UIE Webinar] User Research Analysis Events with Steve Portigal
    17 Mar 2011 [UIE Webinar] Mobile Design: Designing Tapworthy Mobile Apps
    17 Mar 2011 [Workshop] MoreBetterLabs: Practical Usability Testing
    08 Mar 2011 [Guest Lecturer] "We Live Here: Why Information Architecture Matters" with Andrew Hinton
    24 Feb 2011 [UIE Webinar] Information Design with Noah Iliinsky
    17 Feb 2011 [UIE Webinar] The Secrets of Great UX Documentation with Dan Brown
    03 Feb 2011 [UIE Webinar] A Practical Approach to Better Project Kickoffs with Kevin Hoffman
    14 Dec 2010 [Social Event] UX-mas Party
    09 Dec 2010 [UIE Webinar] A Deeper Dive on the UX-Team-of-One Theory with Leah Buley
    18 Nov 2010 [UIE Webinar] Visual Design for Web Applications with David Rivers
    11 Nov 2010 World Usability Day 2010
    04 Nov 2010 [UIE Webinar] Seductive Interaction Design With Stephen Anderson
    01 Nov 2010 [Social Event] Beverage User Interface: Post-Workshop
    01 Nov 2010 [Workshop] Good Design Faster: An all-day workshop with Leah Buley
    14 Oct 2010 [UIE Webinar] AJAX Essentials with Derek Featherstone
    06 Oct 2010 [Community Event] A Strategic Approach to Metrics for User Experience Designers
    30 Sep 2010 [UIE Webinar] Writing Vibrant, Compelling Web Copy
    23 Sep 2010 [Community Event] A Day In The Life Of A UX Professional - Panel Discussion Co-Hosted By TRIUPA And UNC ASIS&T
    16 Sep 2010 [UIE Webinar] Organization Schemes with Donna Spencer
    26 Aug 2010 [UIE Webinar] Online Persuasion with Bryan & Jeffrey Eisenberg
    05 Aug 2010 [UIE Webinar] Storytelling For UX With Whitney Quesenbery
    20 Jul 2010 [Social Event] UX Trivia Night
    15 Jul 2010 [Community Event] Healthcare Part 2: A Human Factors Approach to Patient Queuing in a Children’s Clinic
    15 Jul 2010 [UIE Webinar] Remote Usability Testing with Nate Bolt
    08 Jul 2010 [Partner Event] Introduction to UX - UNC Webmasters Meeting with Abe Crystal
    23 Jun 2010 [UIE Webinar] Search Analytics, With Louis Rosenfeld
    17 Jun 2010 [Community Event] Real World Content Strategy
    15 Jun 2010 [Community Event] Ethnography: Because Customers Don’t Always DO What They SAY
    03 Jun 2010 [UIE Webinar] Content Strategy, With Kristina Halvorson
    21 May 2010 [Community Event] Designers Korner Durham #3
    12 Nov 2009 World Usability Day 2009
    09 Sep 2009 [Workshop] Modeling Concepts: New IA Techniques for a Web 2.0 World (Full-Day Workshop)
    27 Aug 2009 [Community Event] Death To The Spec: Building A Testable Prototype Using Axure

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